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PingPong Pad-V2_3D-avec vrai raquette fond noir.jpg
PingPong Pad_3D-avec fond joueur.jpg

You want to have the best sensations during your table tennis session ....

...we have designed our pad based on the real racket profile.

For RIGHT ou LEFT handed.

PingPong Pad-V2_3D-personnalisation-zoom.jpg

You can also customize your pad with your name or your team.

PingPong Pad_3D-COULEURS.jpg

For the gamers who want to play for fun but also want to get the most comfortable adaptator, the game pad distance from the hand has been reduced

PingPong Pad_3D-avec vraie raquette sans fond.png
PingPong Pad_3D-assemblage sans fond.png

EASY ASSEMBLY with its 2 captive screws.

GOLF CLUB for Quest2

golfclub simple shop2.jpg

For a better grip and feeling of your golf club.

For left and right hand handed

Easy installation and secured


PISTOL GRIP for Quest 2 & 3


You are looking for the best gun feeling ?
The pistol grip is for you

They talk about us (fr)



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